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The tale of Tyche

Tyche Payment Solutions derives its name from the Greek deity of Fortune. The ancient Greeks depicted the goddess with a crown of towers which protects its patron city and a horn of plenty which heralds good fortune.

Our fundamental function is the same as the goddess. We provide a secure digital platform for your payments while showing you ways to increase your revenue in online transactions.

Heralding good fortune

Our founders started Tyche with the intention of providing quality payment solutions to bridge the gap between expectations and the reality of digital transactions. From agriculturists to industrialists, vegetable vendors to supermarket owners, auto-drivers to airlines – every person can benefit by going digital.

This vision can happen only when the consumer realises the convenience of online transactions. We work hard to deliver a unified payment solution whichfacilitates merchants and end customersthrough ourservices. This is our promise to keep and we have miles to go before we sleep.

Why Tyche Payments

See how we leverage technology to transform your online payments processing

Financial Inclusion & Digital Payments

Tyche believes access to financial services creates opportunities. By empowering people to thrive in a global economy, we are committed to democratising financial services to transcend the barriers of currency, language, payment mode and channel.

Structural Growth Drivers

The only way to navigate the Digital Payment Sector segment is to implement innovative solutions which bring people to the online market. Tyche delivers one of the best payment solutions which will simplify payments and increase your revenue exponentially.

Streamlined Customer Experience

If you feel there is an issue in your payment processing experience, reach out to us.We boast of a 24*7 on-call support and trained support team who respond to your queries as fast as possible irrespective of the complexity of your issue.

The Founding Team

Established with the intention of simplifying payments across all the sections of the society, these people are visionaries who work tirelessly for their dream to come true

Babu Chandrasekar

He is a visionary who believes that the spread of digital technologies and the digitization of information flows will benefit poor people. His strength of conviction in his ideology is the guiding light for Tyche.

Mahesh Krishnamoorthy

Director (Finance)
A chartered accountant whose tasks at Tyche include analysing existing systems & procedures, preparing annual operating plans, designinginternal control systems and facilitating effective decision-making.

Dr. Santhosh Chandrasekar

Co-Founder and Director
He is a man of medicine who believes that the rural sector can benefit immensely with a unified payment solution. He strives to visualise his dream of empowering the common man with the power of technology.

Saravana Chandrasekar

Director (Operations)
A passionate individual with an in-depth knowledge of billing and payment solutions, he handles both the internal operations and the global network of finance, operations, marketing and people management.

Partner Program

We welcome partners who are interested inreferring Tyche to merchants. This symbiotic partnership facilitates the digital transformation of the merchants’ payment process while generating revenue for your company or organization.

Information Security

In our digitization journey of your business, we take utmost care toensure your data is secure and protected against unauthorised access.

PCI DSS Compliant
This standard provides an actionable framework for a robust security process. We offer secure processing, early fraud detection system, and proactively negate any security issues.

Risk and Fraud Management
Our fraud prevention mechanism with its regular updates helps to minimise online fraud. It entails a comprehensive merchant compliance check and transaction monitoring

Integrity is everything
The end does not justify the means. We will never compromise our standards, morals or integrity under any circumstance – not even for all the wealth which the fortune goddess offers.

The goal is to turn data into information and information into insight

– Carly Fiorina, Former CEO of HP

A secure, Reliable and quality payment solution for all

Our aim is to deliver a minimalistic solution which works similarly in a metro city as well as in a remote village. Join us to navigate the online payment world securely without any risk or compliance issues.

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