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Driving the Future of Payments

Armed with a slew of services which enable payments on the go, Tyche is all set to revolutionize the payments industry. We look forward to a future where there is complete recalibration and democratization of digital payments which makes universal acceptance a reality.

QR Solutions

This method encourages cashless transaction by harnessing the power of Bharat QR. A person to merchant(P2M) mobile solution, this is mutually derived among NPCI, Visa and Mastercard Payment networks.

With QR based payments solution, your customers will only need a smartphone, a data connection, a Bharat QR enabled mobile banking app to transfer money linked to their bank account. Your customers will scan your QR code, enter the value to be transferred to your account based on their purchase and Approve the transaction to complete the payment.

The QR Code solution can be implemented anywhere. Any personis a merchant and every device is an acceptance device. Tyche is all set to disrupt the payment industry by ensuring the reach of a simplified payment solution which uses Bharat QR across barriers of the society.

Benefits of a QR based solution

  • No investment required for cumbersome hardware
  • Highly secured transactions with no room for fraud or hacking
  • Instant credit to your bank account
  • No extra charges
  • Any app which uses BHIM-UPI or supports Bharat QR can be used by your customers

POS Solutions

Point of sale solution is important for retailers and other business owners as it will determine how fast and accurate their billing is. A clean solution which facilitates fast movement will enable more customers to purchase in a day without holding up the queue.

A typical solution consists of a POS Machine which can be requested from the bank where you hold your account, a software package to coordinate purchase across various POS terminals and an electronic cash register. Additional, Auto Identification and Data Capture equipment such as barcode scanners can be integrated with the solution

Tyche provides a comprehensive solution which facilitates financial decisions by providing shopping trends based on customer purchases. Electronic invoicing, Transaction logs, MIS reports, Real-time management dashboard, support for multiple payment modes and varied reports with easy-to-understand GUI are some of the features available in Tyche’s POS solution.

Benefits of POS Solution

  • Automates transactions and simplifies GST compliance
  • Minimises audit costs, drives sales, helps boost profits and fosters loyalty
  • Allows for mobile POS terminals to be introduced during peak sales periods


The new generation of consumers prefers to use e-wallets over leather wallets as it is secure and needs only their mobile phone to use. Tyche’s e-wallet service is one which thinks for you – it provides you options to choose the payment method which provides the best rewards or savings.

With features such as balance enquiry, statement of account and multiple methods of loading cash, our e-wallet eliminates the risk associated with cash transactions and collates all your financial data under one umbrella app. A secure identification process includes authentication with a secure PIN.

These wallets can be used for bill payments, recharges, money transfers, online shopping, giftcards and many other customer-centric features.

Benefits of Tyche e-wallets

  • Immediate fund-transfer and easy checkout in any environment
  • A simple sign-in process, fast activation, easy usage
  • Options to boost rewards and savings

Payment Gateway

In an everchanging landscape, Tyche offers an innovative payment gateway solution which sets new standards in user experience and reporting services.

Tyche proactively anticipates what the customer might need in an online transaction and supports developers to implements these changes in their websites or e-commerce applications.

We provide a PCI compliant, ISO 9001 (QMS) and ISO 27001 (ISMS) certified payment gateway service which benefits merchants by providing innovative solutions to help build the organizational, functional and technical capabilities which their business requires.

Contact us to know more about our pricing for set-up, maintenance and per-transaction charges. We assure you that our payment gateway service is unmatched in the market.

Benefits of Tyche’s Payment Gateway Service

  • Convenient, clear and customisable platform
  • Improves buyer’s experience and helps merchants increase revenue
  • Easy-to-integrate, flexible solution with detailed API for developers
  • Auto-reconciliation, chargeback protection and customisable subscriptions
  • Multi-card, Multi-bank, multi-wallet and multi-platform options

Invoice Payments

Tyche’s electronic invoicing module and online bill pay service help merchants to keep their operational costs in check.

By allowing customers to pay their bills online either as a one-time transaction or as an automated subscription billing, your customers benefit from the flexibility you offer while you gain their trust and increase sales.

Through electronic invoicing, you can encourage your customers to pay through any payment method. For example, you can provide a QR code on the invoice to facilitate QR code-based payments.

This invoice can then be mailed to the customer as a link or an attachment. This can be integrated with your accounting software for auto-reconciliation of bank statements.

Benefits of electronic invoicing

  • Reduces cost on postage, delivery and labour required for paper invoices
  • You can bill in any currency as per the customers’ request
  • Fast turn-around time


Tyche offers its services either as a package or as a monthly subscription as per your convenience. Our Payment as a Service(PaaS) model allows unlimited flexibility in transactions as well as in subscriptions to our service.

A one-time payment ensures you receive uninterrupted service for the period as per the contractual agreement. Our monthly subscription plan is suitable for small businesses and merchants dabbling for the first time in online business.

We send you a notification every month once the period of service completes to check if you are willing to extend our service. On acceptance, you can pay a monthly subscription fee and avail our services.

Benefits of a subscription plan

  • Suitable for small or medium merchants
  • You can use it as a trial period to see if your business would benefit by implementing an online payment strategy

Financial Inclusion

Tyche helps merchants to unlock the potential of inclusive financial services and make the most of the opportunities offered by emerging economies. India is amongst the fastest of growing economies. New opportunities can open up if financials services are available at the click of a button in remote locations.

Tyche enables new forms of access to financial services and value propositions with lower transaction costs. We are excited to be part of a pioneering project, which we believe provides a unique perspective on taking the practical steps to achieve financial inclusion.

We aim to responsibly provide universal access to affordable, quality financial services.

Who can benefit from this service

  • Rural sector and underprivileged sections with no access to banking either due to location constraints or fear of complex banking services.
  • Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Microenterprises

Edge Service

Tyche offers cutting-edge technology for the merchants who look to integrate next-generation payment gateway solution in their business. A flexible and customizable solution according to your needs and customer trends.

Promote and sell your products with ease with Tyche. We provide rules-based routing and cascading options to increase your profits and attract more customers.

Tyche operates as per RBI guidelines and proactively undertakes risk management through our PRM tool and web compliance checks.

Tyche’s Payment Gateway Suite comprises of

  • Order fulfilment API, shopping cart plugins and easy integration with merchant website or app
  • Recurring billing options for customers
  • Customizable subscription plans
  • Chargeback protection
  • Auto-reconciliation with banks
  • Multiple payment options and fraud management services

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