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Payment Solution Features

We help you seize your unique advantage in the market with a simple, secure and feature-rich payment solution which helps your customers pay online, in-app or in-person.

Easy Integration

Tyche helps developers build payments into an app or website with responsive design and instant updates on integration. With clear, concise API documentation, support for major programming languages and platforms, you can get your website or app up and running quickly.

You can customise the platform as you like it and control the user experience. Tyche’s hosted solution ensures that you adhere to PCI standards. It can be displayed either as a modal form or as an embedded form offering a fluid experience for your users.

Develop your app or website in your favourite language without worrying about compatibility issues. We offer a bevvy of options for programming languages and SDKs.

If there is a language or SDK not listed here, do let us know. We will provide the support to ensure you can offer a seamless payment gateway service for your customers.

  • API Documentation - Simple, straightforward API to accelerate your digital transformation
  • We provide support for most of the major programming languages -PHP, ASP, JAVA, Laravel, Python.
  • SDK Kit - iOS, and Android.

Plugins & Shopping cart

You can also integrate Tyche with popular e-commerce websites and application frameworks. If you have developed a plugin or extension which can be integrated with Tyche, do let us know. Below is the list of plugins which we currently offer –

  • WooCommerce - A WooCommerce payment extension from WooThemes
  • Joomla - A payments module to begin accepting payments from your Joomla application
  • Magento - A Magento plugin to begin accepting payments from your Magento application.
  • Drupal - A Drupal commerce module to begin accepting payments from your Drupal application.
  • Shopify - A plugin to begin accepting payments from your Shopify store.
  • OpenCart - An OpenCart module to begin accepting payments from your OpenCart application.
  • Prestashop - A PrestaShop payments module to begin accepting payments from your PrestaShop application.
  • Ubercart- This module creates an Ubercart payment method
  • AbanteCart- AnAbanteCart payments module to begin accepting payments from your AbanteCart application.
  • Node.js – Plugins for Node.js projects
  • osCommerce - An osCommerce Online Merchant module to begin accepting payments from your osCommerce application
  • Xcart - payment module for your X-Cart site.
  • cs.cart - payment module for your X-Cart site.
  • Moodle - Plugins for Moodle projects

Differential Pricing

We offer personalised plans and pricing depending on the services availed from Tyche. It also depends on the type of business for which the payment solution is required. There are specific plans for start-ups, small, medium and large enterprises.

The features for each package will depend on the plan chosen by the merchant. We do not charge any extra fees from merchants and offer a very transparent pricing model. You can contact our support to get in touch with anyone from a finance team member to one of the directors for any queries regarding pricing.

The final fee is determined by the Transaction volume, Business type, Processing history, Chargeback rate, Currency to be wired and compliance department requirements.

We provide a waiver to our merchants for the below charges - Application fee, Refund fee, Tech support, Platform use, Compliance check, Contract time frames, Closing fee, Chargeback fee, Pre-dispute fee, Non-Transacting fee, Charges for Add-ons. This is subject to market trends. Please contact our support team to know the latest update with regards to pricing

Our charges include

  • Merchant Discount Rate (MDR)/ Transaction Discount Rate(TDR)/ Merchant Service Fee (MSF)which needs to be recompensed by us to the financial institutions or service providers for each transaction.
  • One-time Setup fee
  • Monthly Maintenance Charges (MMC)\ Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC)
  • Refundable Deposits
  • Rolling Reserve - a risk management strategy to protect the merchant and its banks from potential loss due to chargebacks.

Optimized Router

Tyche offers a flexible payment solution which takes into consideration all key features and functionalities of banking products for a high success rate in payment acceptance. It calculates the best route across banks and MIDs, configuring rules in real-time to track results and adapt to various scenarios depending on client needs to optimise incoming and outgoing transactions.

We assign various bank payment gateways to your Merchant Identification Number (MID) and track the status of the server in real-time through automatic and manual methods.

We track downtime or fluctuations in bank servers in real-time, take into account prior alerts for scheduled downtime of banks, transaction status and recovery status as intimated by the banks.

Our intelligent algorithm monitors the drop in the success rate of transactions and routes your transactions through other bank gateways.


  • A high conversion rate of transactions
  • Unmatched user-experience
  • Lowers shopping-cart abandonments and incomplete transactions

Split Settlements

Tyche automatically routes payment through UPI, IMPS or NEFT to sellers, agents and vendors transcending preferred banks, payment modes, service charges and commissions while ensuring the compliance and audit requirements are met.

This flexibility in payment allows our users to take full-control of payment schedules, methods, refunds and reconciliations. This is especially beneficial in business models such as the online marketplace, crowdfunding apps, service aggregators, start-ups, etc.

Tyche offers a frictionless, speedy transaction which in turn encourages your customers to come back for repeated purchase. Your customer base and reputation increase empirically as the convenience factor is high.

Tyche provides a comprehensive solution with well-documented APIs which covers the following aspects of payments –

  • Collection of payments through various payment modes
  • Splitting of payment to retain a percentage cost as a service fee or commission
  • Instant transfer of funds to vendors, business partners etc.
  • Auto-reconciliation for ease of auditing

Multi Bank Settlement

The growth of immediate payments has acted as a catalyst to develop a ubiquitous solution which can be used by all financial institutions, businesses, merchants and individuals.

To provide an on-demand, 24*7 financial service, Tyche supports multi-bank payments and EMI options. There are a number of accounts which are involved in a single transaction such as customer accounts, merchant accounts, logistics accounts, bank accounts, tax accounts and market-place accounts.

The transactional events which could also occur in a transaction are – approve, deny, reversal of purchase, chargeback, change of merchant or logistics changes.

All these services are presented as a seamless solution to the customers. We support a multitude of payment options and net-banking services including EMI payment options with periodic reminders for payments and split of total transaction amount across various banks.

We provide the following services

  • 6 Card Networks
  • 16+ ATM card support
  • 80+ Net banking services
  • 16 wallet and multi-card payments

DA – Reporting Module

As a merchant, you benefit enormously by adopting our system which uses the latest techniques in data storage and analytics. You can download reports in real-time to analyse the performance of the retail store and get an overall picture of operations.

This module considerably reduces operational costs by removing the time taken by manual labour for the same functions. You can get hourly updates and regular reports about the transactions on your website or app. This can also help you track unapproved purchases, suspicious transactions and malpractices which might have gone unnoticed otherwise.

Tyche identifies sales trends and brings them to your notice. You can make informed purchases based on reports.Based on the reports, you can create a strategy for peak-hour and deploy the same to ensure your customers are not put off by a slow system.

The success-ratio report also shows how many transactions are in success, pending or failed states. By analysing the data, you can deliver a highly personalised payment experience for your customers and provide loyalty programs.

Benefits of Data Analytics in Payments

  • Real-time updates about transactions success-failure ratio
  • Identify fast moving products and cross-sell, up-sell products and services
  • Detect fraud and malpractices
  • Integrate disparate payment functions under one dashboard and generate reports as per your requirements

GUI - Interface

Tyche provides a state-of-the-art GUI which takes the analytics and reports data and presents them to you in an easily understandable format. For small to medium enterprises, this is a feature which adds value in their everyday operations as the time taken to analyse reports is minimised.

Colourful graphics, a variety of graphs and charts make a robust UI. A powerful dashboard displays payments, refunds, transfers, subscriptions, invoices, virtual accounts, API keys, webhooks, account and everything else.

You can also generate customisable settlements and reconciliation reports. You also receive a transparent overall view of your business which helps you to make insightful decisions without any ambiguity.

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